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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trusting Issues..A Paranoia

Being trusted,and giving the trust to someone..
It's like you are giving a dagger that could only kill you to the hands of others..
To give trust is not an easy thing to do..
Not to mention to gain trust..

For me?
I trust no one..
Most of them maybe about 60% to 80%..
or even less...
But they won't achieve until 100%
And will never do..


Because I'm a paranoid..
A paranoid in trusting others..
Because of certain events..
And the way I see things..

That's all..

It's hard to be able to trust someone fully..
For my case,only a few..
That can be counted using less than 5 fingers..
Or lesser..

I'm trying to change..
To give others the chance..
But as a precaution..
I have my own ways to do things..

Even though it hurts..
So that I won't give that valuable thing to someone who doesn't deserve it..


Trust huh?

Such irony in my life..

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