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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


They come..
And they leave..
This is a norm in human life :)
Not only to human of course..

Having someone that we loved left us..
It is a pain like we never had felt before..
Especially when they were the one who always spent their time with us..



And even played together..

But eventually..
Their time with us were short..
And when they're gone..
You actually thought that they disappeared..

But did they really disappeared?

Actually my dear :)
They are still living :)

Living inside of our hearts :)

If you still remembers them..
Still praying for their safety at the other side..
Then it means that they live inside of your heart :)
So why are you being so depressed about?

Furthermore, they do not want to see their beloved ones (it means u of course) to be sad because of them right?
Your loved ones are watching you from the other side :)

Be happy my dear..
Things will eventually become better with the help of time..

And of course with your smile :)

Sit back and enjoy the day :)
And pray for them :D

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