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Saturday, February 11, 2012



Which one is supposed to be on top?

The results?
It depends..
Maybe some love if the action is the first step..
And maybe some love when question is earliest one to be done..

To me?
I heart it if the question is at the top :)
Why you ask?
Simple :)

I really love to question myself before doing any action..
Walking to the cafe..
Hearing my mp3..
Loving someone..
And even asking the question 'why did i asked the question?'

I always question everything..
On certain time I will get the answer..
And sometimes I don't..
Not even that, at times I don't even know what am I asking..

Weird isn't it?
You are not even sure what is it that you asked..
I am that kind of person..

And it made me think of the consequences that I will face if  I do that action..
I'll just take the quote
"Think Before You Act"

Everything that you do will have effects on your life..
Neither positive nor negative..

Question yourself..
And act :D

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