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Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Just Me Again

God..How long has it been since I updated this blog?Ahahaha :D Sorry though..I don't really blog anymore as I don't really have a thing to tell you guys :) Also I'm just too lazy to update lllorz

Semester 2 has already passed and time flies quickly back then :) Until all of us realized, we grew older and older...The result for the Mock Exam has been released and seriously, I really need to improvise..Quickly and efficiently...

We face different problems each and every time.. During sem1 with a problem, sem2 with a new problem, and sem3 with a newer problem than the new problem..Problem = Mistakes? Don't make the same mistake over and over again though :) Learn from the last time you got hurt.. It will help you in the future ;)

That moment when the thing that you kept in a box chained with the most invincible chain, actually have a fatal flaw.. It actually hurts when  someone opened it.. If that person have guts to keep it, then be it.. At least it won't hurt if that person take a good care of it properly... Please.. I'm in your care ;)

There's no time for hesitation now.. The hands that you hold can be the hands that will stab you, and vice versa... Things are not going to be simple and easygoing from now on.. Watch your step and never take the wrong route.. You will regret it sooner or later...

Too many topics eh? Different para with different topics that were raised.. Hey, it is just me right ;)

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